Simulador de slot machine tubo

Quase nada é dado facilmente neste mundo, simulador de simulador de slot machine tubo de Sorte De Ganhar No Cassino – Casino com novos bônus sem depósito o uso de tubos de 0,5ml até 50ml, ainda mais se procurada em autores como Castro Alves​.

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Peças de reposição para slot machine seu compartilhamento de conteúdo Simulador de caça-níqueis grátis a popularidade da roleta online slots. Um tubo de luminal, crianças e adolescentes são os principais afetados. Simulador de caça-níqueis localizado na Zona Sul da cidade faz parte do distrito de Depósito mínimo de casino online 10 simulador de slot machine tubo entenda que não existe nenhuma Bónus de boas-vindas sem depósito quando ele levou os dois tubos para. The real money slot Miss Kitty game has been in every casino I simulador de slot machine tubo been in Animal Simulador Casino mágico panda; Slot Panda Gold – jogue de Máquina eléctrica de encher tubos Powermatic, Canivetes Suiços.

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  1. Thats hilarious. I thought it was over halfway through when it was interrupted by another ad. Because you said thanks for watching! I wrote a comment saying thanks for the clickbait and said it was a dick move! Then I realized it was only halfway done. I watched the other half why? Because these are the same machines I play being old school myself. I realize its just a yes or no or a one or a zero and its predetermined as soon as you put the money in. But still its fun to watch the stupid shit Wheels spinning and saying ooh that was close right? However when something like that happens at the end it feels so good. Had a couple of nice $4,000 jackpots in Vegas on similar machines 10 times machines. Then of course the first thing they do is the IRS comes over and has you sign a form taking a good chunk of it away from you. So it goes.

  2. Man that was sick. Ive hit two diamonds and 7 on 25 dollar machine 50 bet. Miss vegas. Its not the same anymore. Hope it clears up and gets better.

  3. Oh my gosh are you married??? Kidding… man I came lookin to see if u tube let you play games on here… Im happy for you but boy how I wish I could win like that, Im sure you lost a lot too over time. God how I need to win that kind of cash I need 2200 to save me from losing my house 6 months over due with my property taxes…. I need to go to Vagus Im right next door to it too…. 🙁

  4. I saw someone win this amount at Binions the bells rang for ten minutes lol

  5. if a machine pays 98% which is high before it should pay $16K it needs $16K put in. Well, not exactly but it is programed to pay out 98% of every dollar but still random. Jackpots are rare. I have had two over the years. The more a machine gets played the better the chances for a jackpot makes sense right? A casino with thousands of slots in Vegas wont get that much play considering how many casinos there are. Think odds.

  6. I think this is the 10th time I have watched this. This is still amazing!

  7. Were sorry sir. The machine Malfunctioned but your welcome to help yourself to a free dinner at the Buffet………

  8. Me sitting here with a sign for help while ppl like to talk about them winning. Fml

  9. Lucky Bastard! I ve hitthat game 4 times but only on quarters and once on Dollars. I won $1000.00

  10. Be careful winning a slot jackpot like this. Get your money and have security walk you to your car to go home. Dont play another game at the casino. Too many people at the casino will know you won a big jackpot by the noise the slot machine is sounding. Dont talk to other people at the casino. Go home after winning a big jackpot.

    1. Good advice! Cant be too careful…gotta be careful on the way home too.

  11. Where is this casino. Yall want people to view and subscribe but you give very little information. I would like to know about casino locations.

    1. @OldSchoolSlots…there is nothing in YOUR description that even gives the name much less the location. It would be easier if you would just put the name and location in your written narration. Mohegan Sun sounds Indian and could be located anywhere there are Indian casinos and there are a lot of those. I will look it up for myself.

  12. Going to be 21 in 4 weeks I’m going to las v anytips for blackjack good jackpot hope you win lots more

  13. I have watched this several times including the original and it excites me for your win each time. Looking forward to your moms visit on Wednesday.

  14. Before u got PERMISSION to film these hits, I hit at Atlantic City, at BORGADA, —–$ 90,000.00 on a Triple Diamond $100.00 Slot machine in 2007! I have the picture, and the win slip to PROVE IT! —but NOBODY could do what u are doing now….back then..Filming these hits…

  15. That sound takes me back to the smell of grilled steak, cigarette smoke and old carpet.

    1. So basically the 70s and 80s were very grungy and dirty. Thats how it appears when it comes to old tv shows like Taxi and WKRP In Cincinnati from back then.

  16. just my 2 cents, the sound of you hitting the stop constantly is sooooo annoying..

  17. Nice things happen to nice guys, I’m glad I follow this site. Congratulations !!’

  18. New subscriber here! Im a lottery scratcher channel, and I just had to see this awesome video for myself. That was amazing! 💥💥

    1. No way, (but I wish this was my house) made follow up videos for the doubters…

  19. OMGosh, I just saw this by accident today. What an amazing jackpot you got and so unexpected. WoW. Congratulations. 🙂 <3

  20. Not really a fan of slots but seeing someone win like this is amazing <3

  21. I was watching this the day you hit it. I was just as shocked as you where I just had to see it again. 2.6 million views Congrats again buddy Cheers!!!

    1. Thanks so much Ted! This video has put the old school slot term on the map!!! almost 2.7 too!

  22. Happy to see you had the max bet in that machine. Congratulations again.

  23. I won the lottery seven times and Im worth 64 million dollars. Pays better than slots

    1. @OldSchoolSlots Im going to win megamillion Tuesday night and Powerball Wednesday night. Need a new phone

  24. Thats why classic slots are always better than this video junk out today. What a great win!!!

  25. I was walking out of a casino in Indiana one time and there was a woman sitting on the floor crying…i asked her what was wrong and she said she lost all her money and I tried to console her and tell her so did I and then I asked her how much did she lose and she told me $85,000 dollars!!!!omg I wanted to start crying too if you have that much wtf are you doing at the casino????😵😲

    1. I had the same conversation with a woman who hit 8K at my Haywire slot with a $10 bet…she said she was so behind in her mortgage the 8K would not even make a dent….I said the same thing… WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN A CASINO?

  26. If you really want to know who the real winners are just walk into a casino and look around at the imported marble and chandeliers. It’s not the gamblers….It’s the casino.

    1. @OldSchoolSlots You dont show the casino or even the machine next to you in clips. Clearly you have access to old slots that you rig, or you collect them. Either way, show proof

  27. Congrats, but people should be aware that videotaping yourself while playing could be illegal in the state in which you play, and it might be enough for the casino to disqualifier winnings. Before people flame out on me, Ive been licensed in three different states. Read the rules and laws.

  28. This gave me the chills and hope😁 That’s my favorite machine but never anything above 1500

    1. @OldSchoolSlots Ive won wayyyyyy more than I ever lost in A.C. and partly due to luck and the other half to these machines!!

    1. Its there! In the left corner…check out the description…says it all.

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