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Blackjack Online Por Dinheiro Real – O melhor site de cassino online do mundo Depósito em cassino bônus de 1 euro muitas vezes, eles têm suporte ao. Como Jogar Blackjack No Cassino; Jogar black jack online.

Blackjack – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

como Blackjack, é um jogo de cartas de azar muito comum em cassinos. Tipo, Cassino. N° de cartas, Baralho, Francês. Jogo(s) relacionado(s).

Como Jogar Blackjack Em Cassinos – Quer ganhar a revisão

Bacará. Blackjack ou Vinte-e-um é um jogo praticado com cartas em casinos e que pode ser jogado. Os apostadores jogam contra o cassino, e quem tiver a cassino de blackjack i mais restam no baralho de blackjack, maior é a chance de o apostador ganhar.

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  1. I never tried 21 before, where can i do it without going to a casino and losing my money? How can i learn and practice?

  2. Covid must be really bumming me out. I didn’t even check if this obvious scam was a scam.

  3. I have a question: so the dealer can only hit Blackjack or to stand on 17 (or if the dealer has passed 17) ?

  4. mgslots21 (on youtube) does Blackjack for a living, dude rips when he is on fire, but still loses. But if you learn from people that actually do it for a living, maybe you can make some good money. Check him out! He doesnt have courses to sell, just study someone who does it well.

  5. Im here because maki in discord stole my money in gambling blackjack.

  6. Let’s say this , you addicts you go with 20 bucks and you up to 40 pocket 20 so you break even and just play on your winnings. And when you have enough or you loose it all you walk out wail breaking even. Idk why it’s so hard for people to do it.

  7. Another blackjack tip … never ever gamble using online games like Kama Blackjackist. These online games are programmed for you to lose, and lose big time. Such games absolutely defy the mathematical odds, they CHEAT !!

  8. Oh so 3 to 2 mean if you get like 400 dollars you get double But you also get half of 400 if it was tripled. Hopefully thats right

  9. Count cards with 6 or 8 decks in the shuffle machine ? Gotta be really good at counting …

  10. I just watched the movie 21 it really gave me the motivation to learn this

  11. I cant stop thanking *Nike_tools* on IG for what he did to me and colleague!! I made more from HIS BITCOIN INVESTMENT FORUM and I went into gambling🤧🤧 I bless the day I found you🙌🏼🙏🏼 He is so real❗❗

  12. Gambling? Who said anything about Gambling? Its not Gambling when you know youre gonna win!

    1. Dont worry guys, everybody have their own luck. Today you lose, you will win if you change Next Table. Dont fall in love with Girls Bankers. Its a trap.

  13. My brother followed same exact steps he lost $2000 don’t waste your time y’all not gonna get rich

  14. Now I can rewatch kakegurui without getting confused about card gambling.

    1. Your decision. Play it as a 1 or 11. Stand hit or double down. Your call 100%

  15. its funny the scenario at 9:08; whether online or at the casino my 8s become 13-14-15s and the dealers 7s gets a 3 or 4 and then a 10-J-K so they get 21 and i bust or they get the 17 against my 13-16s

  16. i dont understand how any of this can work. i work as blackjack dealer in online casino so i know every little trick casino uses to win. anyways, if player would play perfectly and wont do any mistakes, player still would have only 48 percent chance to win against dealer, so in long term its not even possible to be a succesful or professional blackjack player.

  17. this dudes full of shit…. guess what play smart… between the card coming around to the farthest left than the down card to the next up card..say the last up card is a 8.. than down card and the next card shown is a 5.. what is usually between an 8 and a 5 regardless if the dealers showing a face card huh?? pry also a small one..
    I play this way and make 100s easy as cake ok?
    try it …you will be satisfied MAKEING the dealer bust.

  18. I’ve watched several of your videos about basic strategy (BS) and card counting (CC) in blackjack (BJ) and they are very good and easy to follow. Am I correct in thinking that BS ONLY determines how the cards are played in terms of hitting, standing, splitting, doubling etc, and that CC ONLY determines the size of the bet. In other words are these two strategies completely independent, but obviously you need to be proficient at both of them to make any money in the long term ?

  19. Only 2 ways to lose you bust before the dealer or the dealer bust or a lower hand then the player. If you bust you never know till its over. They give you the cards to make you hit. Dont lose till beat. Count 10 through ace for starters. You will do alright.

  20. I YouTubed GTA V casino slot machine hack and went down the rabbit hole to this. No regrets

  21. 1:07 Dicoba main di 88juditop,club (tanda koma diganti jadi titik) kak ada 5 provider bola dijamin bolanya lengkap ada bonus member baru 88%

  22. How important is the seating arrangement is? For example, where should I sit at a BJ table…

  23. He doubled down on a soft 18? 8:08. Against a 6?? Why not just stay on 18

  24. What is it you teach on your $5000 course that you cant learn online for free?

  25. Just an FYI, the player David is known card counter David Drury. He came into the casino I worked at in Surveillance. He bought into a shoe game on a plus count for $7,000 and refused to give his name. Before I could count him down or identify him, he departed with nothing after 10 minutes for a loss of $7,000. Counting is not a guarantee of winning! LOL

  26. You forgot a few other important things & situations about the game.
    When the player has been dealt black jack & the dealer has an Ace showing the dealer asks if you want even $$$$.
    Is the correct decision to say yes every time & take even $$$ or some times to risk it & try for the regular pay out ??
    I say take the even $$$$ every time because you’ve already doubled it
    Also it’s very important to play only with the single shoe with out the random shuffling machines…
    Your odds are better with the shoe

  27. So…. the name, Bobby S*****r and the words, card coun***g are not allowed in our replies? That says it all.

  28. As a former BJ dealer I can tell you this type of play doesn’t work IMO. A good casino knows when u r counting by your betting and can kick u out anytime. For me, I NEVER double down and I will split 2a thru kings if they appear a certain way. My way of playing allows me to control the run and the deck instead of trying to count, which isn’t hard. Any casino that allows card counters constantly has lousy game security and lousy security watching the tables

  29. the untold way of winning blackjack:
    Have the entire table play against the dealer.
    If you have 5 players working together to hold/hit based on the dealers card.
    Chances are the dealer will bust most of the time. The dealer
    will always have to draw a card based on the highest card on the table.
    Dealer will win occassionally but the table wins most of the time.

    This works if you have 2-3 friends 1-2 strangers working together. This just increases the odds
    of the table winning more then the dealer. Rather then 5 players playing agains the dealer individually.
    From what a dealer told me, nevada casinos use at least 7 decks. It is legal for the entire table to talk to eachother in Nevada at least.

  30. Im gonna teach my son, how to count cards the moment he is born 🤣 the time he is 21 hell be a master

  31. I have a couple questions where and how do you buy a blackjack table and do you buy the chips seperately

  32. You said double downs help.. They only help when you win them, they could hurt you as well.. what you should of said is Doubling down with the combination of counting cards helps you at least then you have a better idea of what to expect.

  33. Hey does anyone know if when your counting a 6 card deck the results should be -4?

    1. @BlackJack Apprenticeship were you playing a deviation when you doubled soft 19 against dealers 5 or did I misread your charts

    2. the main goal is to beat the dealer: so the dealer is like a god who knows to play the game like a god or what??

  34. I like to do a podcast with you…. No real money. We setup a game to record and play, we each play 3 slots. You use basic strategy/hilow or whichever variant you like, I use Lathrops Laws. We explain the stragteies in real time situations. We publish our results.

  35. Psychology your friend to continue playing is the best answer for Hit & Run Stratergy. Hahaha 🤣 Dont Worry, They will pay back if You Continue the game. Easy formation to see your friend Bankrupt Againts Bankers.

  36. Okay, Ive been watching these all night, and cant for the life of me figure out why you count highs as negative and lows as positive? Youre already trying add the cards in your hand to just play basic strategy, then you have to count down when the cards go up. Why not just count highs as +1? Seems overly confusing for no reason.

  37. I searched for this video after watching, Dana White gets banned from Casino after winning millions in blackjack on youtube lmfao

  38. Good advise, thanks.
    Ive tried doing that double up thing as it can work if you keep picking the same card as long as you have the liability to cover yourself if you have to do it a few times.
    I wouldnt be able to keep track of what cards have been played as I have visual impairment and wouldnt be able to see what cards have been played.

  39. Does this apply to online Blackjack as well? If not, how is it different to casinos? What are the odds and are they rigged way too in favor of the house?

  40. The casino catches you counting cards your gonna get kicked out they know basic stragdity too. And its a good way to get 86st. No bust system is better they will let you stay for hours and not hitting 16 makes you look dumb. And Ive made good money by looking and betting dumb. Casino cant do shit.

  41. I cant stop thanking *Nike_tools* on IG for what he did to me and colleague!! I made more from HIS BITCOIN INVESTMENT FORUM and I went into gambling🤧🤧 I bless the day I found you🙌🏼🙏🏼 He is so real❗❗

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