Faberge Egg Slots

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  1. Most estimated values are just guesswork since many of these belong to museums and will never be sold.
    That being said, Im positive some Russian oligarch would gladly pay $50+ million each if there ever were a chance to own *all* known Fabergé eggs. Heck, if I were a billionaire, Id offer $50 million for the pink one alone.

    1. I think if I found a Fabergé egg,I couldnt bear to part with it, no matter how much money I was offered, the winter egg takes my breath away. I could not part with that for millions. Can you lmagine the persons face and look of joy when they received this gift

    2. @Serko Moryasi I think the winter egg is the most fabulous of all the Jewells,its so delicate

  2. Listen up I am a true Brit and let me tell you that Mr Faberge did walk from his shop to the Palace to deliver his masterpiece s every Easter Sunday to the Imperial family . What your report had forgotten to mention is the word Easter .Remember at that time the Russian royal family where very religious and Easter Sunday was very important as it represented the ending of one life on Earth and the beginning of a new life in Paradise.that is why the master put a present in side every one of his Easter Eggs.

  3. If you can collect all the eggs you get 3 wishes from a egg laying dragon!

  4. Do all the real Faberge eggs have a marking on them to show they are real? Or how can you tell if its real if u find one similar to these eggs. Cause people can cheat u and take it saying its fake and indeed it can be real

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  6. This is the worst video of Faberge Eggs. Plus there was a lot of misinformation. Not to mention that he remarks that of course it was bought by the russian billionaire. As if saying of course it was bought by a Russian when in fact more eggs are in the United States than anywhere else with Forbes having the biggest collection of 12 of the 42 remaining eggs. There was 50 to begin with.

    Very badly researched and the pictures of the eggs themselves in this video are horrible when there is beautiful videos displaying the eggs that really show how beautiful these eggs are. Very bad video.

  7. Eggs 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3 are all in the Faberge museum in St Petersburg

  8. Now that Joan Rivers has gone off to the great beyond Im sure her Joan Rivers Faberge Eggs will soon be entering the realms of the most valuable!

  9. Typical hick posting a video : at least use the accent on the letters as is done in French: Fabergé. SINCE YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT THE WORK OF ART OF A FRENCH jeweler.

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  11. Can you please do one on the most expensive graffiti artwork, please?

  12. Here after Alfie Solomons appraised Russian jewelry for Thomas Shelby.

    1. I can appreciate your input but would love to know where I can find a better or,more accurate and thorough,resource.

  13. Somebody bought the winter egg for 500 million and then sold it for 9 million? My math isnt great but even Im not that stupid.

    1. Someone bought the egg for 500, but it is valued at 9. They wanted the egg so badly that they spent 500 to get it. They didnt sell it for 9. That is an estimated value of its worth, if they needed to replace it.
      I think I typed this right….🇺🇸 lol. Oh well.

    1. Patrick Kennedy It was found in an auction and was sold for around 10000 $ due to the amount of gold in the egg

    2. +Patrick Kennedy it was definitely a market stall I researched it, Id not oops ot was defo the usa tho

  14. May of the eggs shown on the pictures arent the original eggs. Many are cheap copies

    1. @C B Boyle Yes, Id like to know too……these dont look like copies.

  15. I rather have a egg like that instead of 33 million dollars. I need a ugly gold egg like that for sure.. life goals.

  16. The quality of the visuals of most of the eggs is very poor–out of focus and distorted by being out-sized for the space required in the video. I should be refit for showing.

  17. At 4:48… The pictured egg is not the real Coronation Egg. It is a poor reproduction of the real egg. The carriage also is not the real carriage. It has no rock crystal windows and is completely the wrong color and you can see the workmanship is shit.

    1. Does anyone know if copies of the Fabergé eggs can be purchaged in the hermitage,,,? I read this somewhere,and that they only cist in the hundreds. I would love to buy a copy if the winter egg.my mouth opens wide every time I see a photo of it. Fabergé was such a wonderful goldsmith,we will never see his like again

  18. Lots of wrong info. For example 50 eggs where made. 45 of them are at known locations. The rest got lost.

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